Unfortunately, in English the word read is both the present tense and the past tense.

Singing this song with my ward choir, that one little word provided an interesting conversation. Was it the present tense, or the past?

Even though we were familiar with the song, everyone was excited to sing it; there was still discussion. Is this word the present read (like reed), or the past read (like red).

This one little word is the pivot point of the song. It moves the imagery from the past when Christ appeared to the Nephites to the present to you reading those words.

Nephi, after drawing upon the words of Isaiah, he prophecies about the coming of Jesus to his people, his children. 

Clearly, plainly he tells his people that Christ will appear to them, and to listen to the words which he (Christ) will speak.

Nephi begins by telling his people to liken the scriptures to themselves.

When we get to 3 Nephi and read the words that Christ speaks to the Nephites, I invite you to liken those words unto you.

Experience that little transition word of “read” to draw the scriptures and words of the prophets into your life, in the present, in the here and now.

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