O How Great

O the greatness of the mercy of our God, the Holy One of Israel! For he delivereth his saints from that awful monster the devil, and death, and hell, and that lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless torment.
O how great the holiness of our God! For he knoweth all things, and there is not anything save he knows it.

2 Nephi 9:19-20
(Emphasis added.)

It was February, in Metz, France. My mission president challenged us to read 2 Nephi 9 every day, for the entire month. I wondered about all the other things I could read to learn more and wondered what I would get out of the same chapter every day.

During that first week, I fell into reading it to just “check the box.” Slowly, I moved from just reading to contemplating and pondering.

These are the words of Jacob, Lehi’s first-born in the wilderness. He grew up traveling through the wilderness, with family fights that threatened murder. In 2 Nephi 6-8, Jacob quotes from Isaiah. He had learned to turn to scripture and the prophets. 

In 2 Nephi chapter 9, Jacob clarifies and testifies what he knows, and what he relies on. 

  • God is merciful and just. 
  • There is a plan.
  • We can rely on God’s goodness, mercy, and grace.

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