He hears you. Hear Him.

It was a hot summer, and we had been sleeping with the windows open. My mom, however, was still having a hard time sleeping.

Across the street, our neighbors with their brand new baby had also been sleeping with their windows open. The tiny newborn cry kept waking my mom up throughout the night. Her mother heart and ears were finely tuned.

I discovered I could hear the tiny cry; but the conditions had to be just right.  Alone in my room, both windows open, no radio on, and usually while trying to focus on something. But the tiny cry never woke me up in the middle of the night.

In 1820, God heard the cry of young Joseph Smith seeking answers. As our Father in Heaven, he is attuned to hear us. He knows us. Joseph also put a lot of thought and effort into putting himself in the right state of mind, in a secluded place, and with a clear purpose. 

While you may not be woken up by a neighbor’s baby, or have a vision in the woods, we can Hear Him. It usually takes work to put ourselves in the right state of mind, in the right place, and with a focused heart. When we do that, we can hear him.

One Spring Morn

This is from the musical One Spring Morn by Scott Hamilton.

Hear Him!

This song, by Dr. Douglas Pew, uses Joseph Smith History 1:17. I love how it models the two-way relationship.
God will hear us, and we can Hear Him.
Select the image to download the music and hear a complete recording.




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